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Just $10 for 6 samples and my guidance for 5 days!

Hello! My name is Jen and I'm very excited to invite you to join me on an essential oil experience! This essential oil experience will be in the format to allow you to experience the effectiveness of essential oils.

We already know that essential oils are effective in helping people improve their health. We want to help as many people as we can.

At the completion of your 5-day essential oil experience we will hop on a call to discuss your experience and see if and how essential oils fit into your life.

• Order your sample pack for just $10

• Let us know when your package arrives

• Use the samples we send you each day during the oil experience

• Interact with us via text throughout the 5 days

• Get on a call with us at the completion of the 5 days

• Get A FREE Gift For Participating

What Our Past Participants Say...

Heather M. - California

"Ok this sh*t really is magical!! I've been wanting to try DigestZen but haven't yet. I used DigetZen after each meal and felt immediate relief - like a calming in my belly. Earlier I was feeling a little nauseous and immediately felt better after taking another drop."

Taimi S. - Massachusetts

"It was a great experience! Such a fun way to sample the oils. The videos were fantastic. The mini bottles were super cute, and I loved getting to try so many products."

Justin A - Texas

"I definitely felt the Wild Orange and Peppermint help wake me up. I feel like prolonged use of Adaptiv would help me notice a difference. I think the DigestZen helped me feel less bloated. Overall it was a great experience."

Andriele S - Oregon

"It worked better than the stuff I got at the farmers market! I loved your guidance whilst on the experience. Super valuable!

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